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Used regularly, a California Duster reduces the necessity of vehicle washings.Put some Woolite in it and slosh it around to dissolve the soap (but not make a bunch of suds).In addition, California Car Duster offers other detailing products to make your car shine with ease.The Original California Car Duster Company, Inc. manufactures and markets washing, drying, and cleaning products for auto and home care applications.

Your California Car Duster will last between 15 and 20 years, as reported by most owners and users of this product.However, choosing the right car cleaning duster for your needs is about more than just knowing what is available.California Car Duster 14 Products Analyzed 3,081 Reviews Analyzed Top.

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Note that California Dusters are not washing or shampooing products.

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Just like we need to be dusted away for the sake of better health, so do our cars and other vehicles.Using a plain cloth to dust away all the unwanted dust from your car might leave scratches, which only increase with the passage of time and repeated use of cloth on the body of the car.It is not meant for bird crap or tree sap, dust and loose debri only.The Duster has since been marketed in all kinds of shapes and sizes, as well as for different applications and can be found in stores and on late-night infomercials.

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As it accumulates dust you want to give it a good shake to get rid of the excess.The Original California Large Car Cleaning Duster Car Home Wax Treated Brush NEW.A duster is a cleaning tool used to remove dust from surfaces and furniture.

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Features a 100% cotton mop head treated with a special paraffin wax.Like all of California Duster Companys mop heads, the 100% cotton strands of the Super Duster are coated with a paraffin wax treatment, which allows this product to lift and remove dust, dirt, pollen, and lint like a magnet.

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Ive only used it on the interior, the dash is old and has some scratches so sometimes it leaves little fuzzys behind.

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The cordless vacuum works on rechargeable batteries and allows you to dust an entire house without needing breaks to shake out your duster.

The Original California Duster Home and Auto Detailing Kit is the best of both worlds.

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The Original California Dash Duster is ideal for auto detailing and more.After a lot of research I bought a California Duster - they also have greased it.

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